Our Reviews

“Acton Drainage were sent out via my home insurance emergency cover after my toilet waste pipe was overflowing into the garden.

Dynorod had come out TWICE and said they couldn't fix the problem as they blamed it on a cracked drainage pipe, even though I knew it was backing up due to a blockage somewhere.

So glad Acton drainage came out - they uncleared the blockage straight away. Dynorod simply couldn't be bothered after both engineers complained they were so busy that day.

Thank god for Acton Drainage - highly recommended :-)”

Rebecca Hesketh

“We have been using Acton Drainage for a number of years for various drainage and maintenance works.

They are extremely efficient, no job is too big or too small. All staff are helpful in resolving issues and have gone above and beyond to assist with any urgent jobs that we have need assistance with. Their engineers are always on site on time and provide the customer with outstanding customer service.

Inten will continue to use Acton Group for all drainage and maintenance works. “

Inten Limited

“ Just a note of appreciation of the good work done by your company on Friday 31st October. I had to call on my home insurance for what I thought was a blocked toilet. Your very pleasant man tackled the problem very efficiently & dealt with a manhole all choked up with tree roots, branches, twigs and heaven knows what and cleared the problem in no time. I have had this problem twice before and my home insurance have sent other contractors out to deal with it but no one mentioned that the problem was tree roots etc, which I think I needed to have been told but your man did.

As I am now in my mid-eighties and on my own, good service is very much appreciated, Thank you.

Despite other contractors being sent twice over a period of say, 18months only your company seems to have got to the real cause. “

Mrs Joyce Morley